More than 50 people beheaded by ISIS-linked attackers in Mozambique


More than 50 people beheaded by ISIS-linked attackers in Mozambique

The images that horrified the civilized world, of Islamic State fanatics decapitating opponents they were facing in Syria and Iraq, are now repeated in Mozambique without the international community seeming to really care about the problem.

Cabo Delgado is lost in a territory that is more than 2700 kilometers long and the European Union seems to be unaware of the drama that thousands of defenseless Mozambicans are going through.

The government of Filipe Nyusi itself has already asked the European community for help, either for military support or for the training of troops, but so far it has not officially received the means to fight the advance of the Islamic State’s faithful.

At the end of September, the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that Portugal was willing to participate in the preparation and application of the European response.

Cabo Delgado was the scene, over the weekend, of another violent and cruel attack by a group of Islamic radicals, who used a soccer field to behead and dismember more than 50 people over three days.

The violence was such that, according to an anonymous source reported to Al Jazira, the families received only parts of the bodies to perform the funerals of the victims.

“The funerals were held in an environment of great pain,” he said. “The bodies were already decomposing and could not be shown.”

Extremist attacks This attack took place in the village of Muatide, between Friday and Sunday. Militant groups captured villagers who were trying to escape the attack and executed them.

The news was advanced by a BBC correspondent, who also reported attacks on the village of Nanjaba on Friday night, where gunmen shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is great”) while shooting and burning houses.

Two people were beheaded during this attack and several women were kidnapped.

The attacks took place in the districts of Miudumbe and Macomia and, according to a police source quoted by Al Jazira, the authorities learned of the massacre “through reports of people who found corpses in the woods”.

“It was possible to count 20 bodies scattered over an area of ​​500 meters,” said a policeman from the district of Mueba who asked not to be identified.

Land for displaced persons In the face of armed violence in Cabo Delgado, many families fled the scene to save their lives. Hundreds of innocents continue to arrive and take refuge in Sofala province, where authorities are distributing land to welcome displaced families.