Met Office: Brace for more intense rains/floods!

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Met Office: Brace for more intense rains/floods!

The population is being warned to expect more intense rainfall.

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Office says that the passage of a Tropical wave has caused significant rainfall throughout the country.

Meteorologist Gary Benjamin says that this has cause major rivers to swell.

The TTMS elevated the Riverine Flood Alert to Orange Level today and an imposed an Adverse Weather Alert #1 – Yellow Level in effect until Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm.

A combination of features including the ITCZ and low – level troughs are expected to affect the region.

Consequently, periods of rain/showers of varying intensities are expected to continue, with a medium to high (60 – 70%) chance of heavy showers and thunderstorms that could produce intense rainfall in excess of 50mm.

He said any improvements in the weather will only be temporary.

He also cautioned that landslips and landslides have been reported and more are possible, while flooding continues to be a matter of concern at this time.