“Water more than land” as floods submerge entire villages

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“Water more than land” as floods submerge entire villages

Water more than land!

This is how Chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation, Dr Allen Sammy, described the situation facing Central and South Trinidad after last night’s heavy rains.

The weather pattern over the last 2 days has led to heavy and consistent rains across the country, leaving entire villages submerged.

Dr Sammy told News Power Now that the damage is significant and there is no idea yet of when the water will subside.

He added that the damage is widespread and assured that the regional corporation is putting its resources to maximum use in order to address the reports of flooding and the calls for assistance.

Dr Sammy also remained concerned regarding the timeliness of remedies for persons who may have lost major possessions such as furniture and appliances as a result of the flooding.

He said that the process of assistance for affected persons in this regard may not begin until tomorrow.