Manpower Shortage Severely Hampering Relief Effort In South Trinidad

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Manpower Shortage Severely Hampering Relief Effort In South Trinidad

A shortage of manpower is seriously hampering relief efforts in South Trinidad, where there has been severe flooding and people in need of help.

This is according to Chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation, Dr Allan Sammy.

There were reports of rapidly rising floodwaters in parts of Woodland on Monday night after the South Oropouche River burst its banks, sending millions of gallons of water into the community.

At 8.30pm, MP for Oropouche West, Davendranath Tancoo issued an alert on Facebook saying: “River breaks its bank at Tulsa Trace; Penal braces for flooding.”

He explained: “The pump is not in operation and all operators have left. The water is flowing upstream in the Black River. This means that flooding is to be expected in several areas of Oropouche West, including Gopie Trace, Suchit Trace, Rahamut Trace etc and environs.

He advised persons to prepare as much as possible.

Residents were trying to stack valuables on higher ground as the floods continued to back up further inland as far as Debe.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning, Dr Sammy said that the situation there is dire.

In fact he said the situation is so serious that a shelter has been erected and someone has already been relocated into the shelter.

Mrs Sammy emphasised that the main issue facing relief efforts is the shortage of manpower.

He said although funds were requested to hire additional manpower they were not released.

He said that if more rains come, as they are predicted to, the situation will worsen.