Man arrested after trying to date woman he robbed

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Man arrested after trying to date woman he robbed

A man was arrested by police after he reached out on Facebook to a woman he robbed to ask her out on a date.

Amber Beraun was walking to her mailbox at approximately 4 a.m. after working a late shift in May when she was approached by a man who held her up at gunpoint.

The suspect, identified as Damien Boyce, allegedly pointed the gun at Beraun’s head and demanded $100.

He then noted her good looks and asked if she had a boyfriend and if she would add him as a friend on Facebook.

At that point, Boyce reportedly opened his phone and waited as Beraun added him as a friend.

Beraun explained that she believed that if she added him on Facebook, he would leave without hurting her.

As she hoped, he then fled the scene on a bicycle but not before promising to pay back the money he stole from her.

Later that day, Beraun received a message from Boyce on Facebook who acknowledged their earlier encounter telling her that he “knows it’s a messed up way to meet someone” but promised to pay her back adding that “she was too pretty to rob.”

Beraun seemingly eager to gather more information to give to the police engaged with him telling him that she believed him and she understood that “times just get rough.”

But before police were able to hold him for robbing her, Boyce was arrested and charged for a separate robbery in which he allegedly shot two people and hit another individual in the head with a brick.

Boyce was eventually also charged with armed robbery for the incident involving Beraun.