MacOS Catalina Update Marks “Death” of iTunes


MacOS Catalina Update Marks “Death” of iTunes

After a run of almost 20 years, iTunes is no more. The cause of death was Apple’s Monday release of a big software update for Macs called macOS Catalina.

This whole thing was not out of nowhere, but still.

Replacing iTunes will be a trio of sorted apps for Apple TV, Apple Music, and Podcasts. This new system would seem to solve a problem voiced by many-a-frustrated-iTunes users by simplifying the way that you can find your music or movies or whatever you may have downloaded.

The music app is now solely focused upon Apple Music streaming, browsing your library, and finding/downloading/buying new music. Apple TV lets you watch your movie downloads, go through Apple channels, and when Apple TV+ officially launches you can play shows from there on it. As for podcasts, well, that’s a place for your podcasts.

Additionally, a cool feature for the latter category is that you can locate people/topics that you’re interested in via the search function, which is nice because you can live a million years sleep-free and still come nowhere close to hearing every freakin’ thing people have recorded for those.

The macOS 10.15 Catalina is a free download, which you can get by selecting a software update from system preferences after clicking the Apple icon in your screen’s upper left corner.