Lutchmedial: Disarray at SSA could now serve to embolden criminals

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Lutchmedial: Disarray at SSA could now serve to embolden criminals

UNC Senator Jayanti Lutchmedial believes that the perceived state of the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) could now serve to embolden criminals.

She said the issues can severely diminish confidence in what ought to be the premier intelligence-gathering agency at the forefront of T&T’s anti-crime battle.

Lutchmedial added: “What I read on this issue daily is beyond the scope of the imagination of the best spy novel and fiction writers. It will embolden criminals to know that these agencies are in such disarray.

“We keep hearing about intelligence-led policing as being one of the strategies that’s supposed to tackle T&T’s crime. Who is and who has been leading the intelligence drive? This group of people now under investigation? No wonder crime is skyrocketing!” she said.

Lutchmedial said this is why the Opposition requested that Parliament’s Joint Select Committee convene a meeting to understand what was and is happening, “to give the public the assurance that parliamentarians on all benches are apprised of what is taking place”.

“I considered that part of my responsibility as a senator and JSC member. I’m deeply disappointed that others didn’t see it that way,” she said.

“There are also allegations that “senior Government officials” are being protected. How does the refusal of a parliamentary committee help with public perception when these allegations are out there?

“The Police Commissioner made the point at the recent JSC meeting that public trust and confidence was critical to her plan’s success. I think the public is losing confidence daily.”

Lutchmedial added, “The Opposition will continue asking questions in the public domain if we aren’t allowed to do so through the parliamentary committee system.”