Latto bares it all for Cosmopolitan magazine

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Latto bares it all for Cosmopolitan magazine

Latto‘s career has been on an ascension, and amid landing the coveted cover of the latest Cosmopolitan, the 777 rapper decided to bare it all.

While she doesn’t show everything on camera, behind the scenes, Latto had to be cool with being naked on set – and she made sure it was done right.

“My label manager hit me and asked, ‘Are you open to doing this?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m open. It just has to be tastefully done,’” Latto began. “That’s why during the shoot, my eyes are glued to the monitor. My lyrics are vulgar and explicit but tastefully done, at least in my opinion. I wanted the pictures to be as well.

She continued: “Not just boom-bam right in your face but more like a tease. Like you’re imagining me being fully naked and not really seeing it for real. I like the fantasy aspect to it. I felt like the prettiest girl in the world, like that’s the best I’ve ever looked.”

“I’m young right now. I don’t have real responsibilities as far as kids and a husband. I feel like it’s the right time to embrace how my body looks—and before I have kids and wrinkle up, I’m showing it off while I can, boo.”

You can view the looks of Latto’s Cosmo shoot below.