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LATT to seek Judicial review against PM,s decision

The Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago LATT members yesterday voted to proceed with judicial review proceedings against the Prime Minister, challenging his decision against impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Ivor Archie.

The Attorneys met at three locations including the auditorium of the Government Campus Plaza in Port of Spain, the rooftop of a law firm in San Fernando and at the Triangle Building in Tobago.

The simultaneous meeting at the three locations was specifically to vote on the sole issue of whether to start judicial review proceedings against the prime minister.

The association’s president, Douglas Mendes, SC, made a personal plea to attorneys in a statement, reminding them of the meeting and the topic to be discussed earlier on Friday.

235 members of LATT attended at the three locations. There were 230 ballots cast, 163 voted in favour of legal action being taken against Dr Rowley and 66 votes against proceeding with a judicial review claim. There was one spoilt vote which was discarded.