MSDFS Engage Students Of Naparima Boys College On The Role Of A Social Worker

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MSDFS Engage Students Of Naparima Boys College On The Role Of A Social Worker

Students and Staff at Naparima Boys’ College were exposed to sessions on the role of a Social Worker and some of the projects and initiatives being undertaken by the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.

Naparima Boys’ College Librarian, Sonia Hoyte, conducted the sessions.

They were held as part of activities to celebrate World Social Work Day which is observed annually on the third Tuesday of March.

The commemorative day is one which acknowledges and highlights the achievements of social work and its workers to raise the visibility of social services for the future of societies and also to defend social justice and human rights.

Among the wide span of information shared, was the lived experiences, learning’s; as well as advice from the Social Workers.

The Ministry said the session generated great interest and participation from students and teachers alike.

It said a number of questions were posed related to the definition of social work, the day in the life of a Social Worker, services offered by social workers, the qualifications required to become a Social Worker etc.

During the session, the Ministry said an insightful discourse took place about how to deal with persons who are affected by issues such as depression, domestic violence, unemployment and so on.

The Ministry said this was in an effort to paint a better picture of the challenges persons may encounter, and how the Ministry and by extension, their Social Workers contribute toward helping, empowering and transforming lives.