Kirk Waithe wants CoP to step down following death of suspect in Bharatt case

Kirk Waithe wants CoP to step down following death of suspect in Bharatt case

Kirk Waithe of the political party NOW is calling for the Commissioner of police and the leader of the TTPS’ Special Operations Response team to step down pending an investigation into the death of Anthony ‘Solo’ Morris.

Morris, who was detained by police during their investigations into Andrea Bharatt’s disappearance, died while in police custody.

The independent autopsy report by Pathologist Professor Hubert Daisley concluded that Morris died from severe blunt force trauma to his chest, abdomen, limbs and skull which resulted in multiple fractured ribs, bleeding in the chest and contusion to the heart.


The report also noted that the injuries to the skull sustained by Morris were fatal as he would have promptly gone into unconsciousness, aspirated and died.
Professor Daisley concluded that Morris could not have survived for more than 20 minutes with the injuries he had sustained.

Another suspect in Bharatt’s case, Joel Belcon, also died several days later.
Waithe told News Power Now that Commissioner Griffith and Inspector Mark Hernandez, must be immediately removed from office pending an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Morris and Belcon.

He noted that the Belcon’s injuries raise questions as to the conduct of the police.

Waithe added that Andrea’s family deserve justice instead of “madness”.

Waithe appealed to members of the TTPS to do their part to ensure the integrity of the Police Service.
He also called out other bodies for their silence on the matter.


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    Neil Chambers 6 months

    I will say to you sir they are not moving not one (DAM) place they are staying put my people are suffing at the hands of those killers it time we take back our country it time we send the message that we the people are mad as hell, and we will fight fire with fire.

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    C L R Chase 6 months

    The UNC is nervous that the CoP is winning the war on this crime issue and the population
    eyes are beginning to open to the fact that the UNC has no intentions of doing their part to illuminate crime in this country ,because they have it as a “cause celebre” it is one of their keys to taking back power in this country.
    Notice how they shamelessly tried to get ahead of the Andrea Bharrat murder and use it as a political issue but they failed miserably hence the reason they had to go and vote for the Evidence Amendment Bill. on the eve of this girl`s funeral. This was one of the Bills that the CoP have been pleading with them before to vote on; and like Saul on his way to Damascus they have had a miraculous conversion. They have told us already and we should heed their words politics has morality of it`s own and I might add as others have so rightly highlighted for UNC to succeed T&T has to fail and they constantly prey and prey for our downfall. So GG keep doing the right thing you may not always get it right but we know you heart is in the right place for this country.

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