UK Adopts COVID-19  Vaccine Passports For the Summer


UK Adopts COVID-19 Vaccine Passports For the Summer

The UK government are looking to launch coronavirus passports as proof of vaccination for millions of British holidaymakers as early as next month, according to reports.

The Telegraph reports that vaccine passport plans were discussed during a phone call yesterday (April 21) between government officials and top travel industry figures.

The paper said that a government official told travel bosses: “We aim to give people the ability to prove their vaccine status by the time international travel restarts where other countries require it.

“The earliest that will restart is May 17.”

At the moment, all foreign holidays from the UK are banned but ministers are hoping to permit international travel for leisure from May 17 when the next stage of lockdown easing is scheduled to begin.

Many countries have expressed interest in introducing evidence of vaccination to ensure smooth visits.

A Department for Travel spokesperson said: “We are working on a solution to enable residents to prove their Covid-19 status, including vaccination status, to other countries on the outbound leg.

“We are working on this as a priority and intend to have the solution ready as soon as possible.”