Jay-Z may get his birthday turned into an annual NYC event

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Jay-Z may get his birthday turned into an annual NYC event

JAY-Z may have the distinct honor of getting honored on his birthday every year, if some members of the New York City Council have their way.

According to legislation first introduced by Council Member Farah Louis — and co-sponsored by Combat Jack’s son, Chi Ossé, alongside Kevin C. Riley, Crystal Hudson, and Jennifer Gutiérrez — earlier this month, Hova would have his own “JAY-Z Day” on his birthday, December 4th, every year.

The resolution was initially sent to the Committee on Cultural Affairs, Libraries and International Intergroup Relations, and from there filed officially with the City Council. It will be taken up by the Council in its 2024 session, which begins on January 3.

“The global phenomenon that is Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, is widely known as an artist, mogul, husband and father, wealth builder, and supportive economic development and community causes,” Louis said in the resolution meeting, according to the hearing notes.

“Both his career and success have spanned decades. The accolades for Mr. Carter are filling museums, magazines, and libraries. TV shows and radio programs clamor to provide content dedicated to his masterful work that has inspired many. December 4th, as Jay-Z Day, announces to the world how this Brooklyn son can be all things including loved by his community.”

She continued: “In the spirit of celebrating hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, establishing an annual celebration to recognize a homegrown hero while proclaiming our municipal support is fitting to designate. Our resolution is an emotional, practical banner raised. Jay-Z has shown the resilience to beat the odds, self-admitted errors, and has developed mechanisms to create opportunities for others.”

Like his father, Chi Ossé is a brilliant superstar in his field, becoming the youngest City Council member in New York City history.

It is perhaps fitting that the younger Ossé would be the one to co-sponsor the proposition for a potential “JAY-Z Day,” as Combat Jack was an attorney who worked with Hova before becoming a pioneer in Hip Hop podcasting.

And over the summer, the elder Ossé was honored with his own day in Brooklyn.

A-King — the co-founder of The Combat Jack Podcast, one of the first podcasts of its kind — took to his Instagram to announce that a portion of Bergen Street (between New York Ave. & Brooklyn Ave.) was named after the original Hip Hop influencer on June 22 at 1 pm.

The naming took place in front of Manhattan City Hall, and King also announced that July 8 will also officially be designated “Reggie ‘Combat Jack’ Ossé Day.”

“Family, Friends, and Community at large, please join us on a momentous occasion as we come together to celebrate the passing of a City Council resolution that will forever honor the legendary Reggie “Combat Jack” Osse,” he wrote. “His immeasurable contributions to our community and the world of hip-hop deserve to be recognized and celebrated in a special way.”

He continued: “Reggie ‘Combat Jack’ Ossé was not only an influential figure in music and media but also a passionate advocate for justice, culture, and the power of storytelling.

“With his pioneering work as an iconic podcast host and attorney, he touched the lives of countless individuals and brought marginalized voices to the forefront.”