Investigation launched into oil dumped in Caroni River

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Investigation launched into oil dumped in Caroni River

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has launched an investigation into reports of a truck dumping oil into the Guayabal River and Caroni River at Bamboo Number 2.

The EMA, according to a GML report, says they will also be working with representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries to investigate the dump site and the condition of the river.

Energy Minister Stuart Young said he received the report of a truck illegally dumping oil into the Caroni River and said it has received immediate attention.

Activist and businessman Inshan Ishmael alerted authorities yesterday to the illegal dumping and the truck’s registration number and photographs were provided.

Ishmael said the culprit must be found and charged.

The illegal oil dumping, he said, took place at the end of the Bamboo main road, at the intersection of the Guayabal and Caroni rivers.

“That is at the mouth of the Caroni River and that is going to flow straight down to the mangroves and its going to affect the flamingos, the scarlet ibis and everything, plus the crab population as well,” he said.