CoP warns of posting too much information on Bharath kidnapping

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CoP warns of posting too much information on Bharath kidnapping

Five persons have been detained for the kidnapping of Andrea Bharath, Commission of Police, Gary Griffith says the search continues for her safe return.

Commissioner Griffith, is now “asking the public and the media to be careful about the information they post concerning the kidnapping of 23-year-old Andrea Bharatt.”

The CoP says he understands “the media frenzy over this incident and points out that too much information on this case could jeopardise the investigations and place the life of the victim in further danger.”

Commissioner Griffith says the media has its role to play in society but when it comes to kidnapping the least said, the better.

The CoP also notes that even police officers are over zealous and are giving out sensitive information to the media. He also noticed that media photographers found their way among police officers at a scene on Sunday.

This, he says can bring more harm to the victim. He said that based on the technology available to the TTPS, police have been able to detain five suspects for questioning.

The CoP says that police have received certain information and are pursuing it.

Ms Bharatt, a clerk at the Arima Magistrates’ Court, went missing after boarding a car in Arima last Friday afternoon.