Hilton working on temporary fix to avoid laying-off 100 employees

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Hilton working on temporary fix to avoid laying-off 100 employees

The Communication Workers’ Uni­on (CWU) and the management of Hilton Trinidad are currently exploring new options opposed to laying off some 100 employees come January 4.

On Tuesday it was revealed that approximately 100 Hilton employees were set to be temporarily laid off from January 4 to March 4, as Government had taken a decision to stop assisting with the salaries of some of the hotel’s staff.

But, during an interview with the Express on Wednesday, CWU’s Clyde Elder revealed that the hotel was now considering a “short-term” alternative to the temporary lay-offs, which involves allowing the affected employees to utilise their vacation leave.

He said “Coming out of our discussions today (Wednesday), parties agreed to explore the use of vacation leave to mitigate against the impact of the temporary lay-off in the short-term. They are expected to respond to our letter and our suggestions later and we will then decide when next we meet.”

Evol­ving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development Company (eTecK), which owns the Hilton building and is responsible for the lease on behalf of Government, said via a release that the hotel’s revenue had declined considerably, due to lower occupancy rates and other factors.

eTeck said as a result, Government, through eTeck, had been providing some support to Hilton employees to mitigate against the economic pressure.

It said “Under normal circumstances, it is the business practice of the hotel industry to match staffing levels with that of business activity.
“ETecK is aware of Hilton management’s decision to implement temporary adjustments in staffing levels at this time to ensure the sustainability of the hotel.”