Heritage Petroleum said it is taking steps to clean up areas affected by the oil spill

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Heritage Petroleum said it is taking steps to clean up areas affected by the oil spill

Heritage Petroleum said it continues with its oil spill response operations in the vicinity of the Godineau (South Oropouche) River in Woodland.

“As part of the Company’s response to the oil spill, after cutting the high grass and shrubs we discovered a swampy area where the water was covered by a light oil sheen.

Immediate actions were taken to treat with this issue.

Heritage Petroleum said in a media release issued this afternoon that “it is possible that other surrounding areas may be similarly impacted, and the Company is making every effort to swiftly identify and address these areas, to minimize the impact on the community and the environment. It is not a new spill.”

Following initial reports of the spill on Wednesday 18th November 2020, the Heritage immediately activated its Incident Command System (ICS) and established an Incident Command Centre at the site to coordinate its response activities.

Over the period the company has been engaged in:
• Identification, verification and associated infrastructural and repair works in the vicinity of the spill:
o The 16” pipeline was immediately isolated, flushed and is currently free of hydrocarbon, both North and South of the Godineau River
o Critical accessway was cleared for all necessary equipment to gain access to the affected area to effect clean-up and repair works to the previously inaccessible inland areas
o All outstanding clean-up, maintenance and repair works are currently ongoing now that proper access is available to effectively progress works
• The clean-up and remediation of the watercourse, which is 90% complete
• The deployment of additional booms to restrict any spread of the oil downstream
• Ongoing surveillance and assessment of the shoreline and surrounding areas
• The search for, conservation and rehabilitation of impacted wildlife
• The deployment of additional vessels and other resources, including support of
persons from nearby communities, to assist in the clean-up operations
• Ongoing engagement with impacted stakeholders
• Ongoing engagement with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance to
acceptable HSSE standards
Directors: Michael A.A. Quamina (Chairman) Reynold Ajodhasingh (Deputy Chairman) Peter Clarke Newman George Joel Harding Selwyn Lashley George Leonard-Lewis Reza Salim Ryan Toby

Heritage Petroleum said it also communicated with the Member of Parliament for Oropouche West via a letter dated 26th November 2020, inviting him to a meeting set for yesterday, Thursday 3rd December 2020. However, the meeting was postponed on Mr. Tancoo’s request. The Company remains open to meeting with the MP.

Heritage also takes this opportunity to thank its stakeholders, especially the fisherfolk and residents, who have been working with us in our response efforts.