Griffith to consult with family as contract nears the end

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Griffith to consult with family as contract nears the end

Nicole Dyer-Griffith, wife of Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith, said the past three years have been very difficult for both him and the family.

In an interview with the Express newspaper, concerning her husband’s contract which expires on August 17, 2021, Dyer-Griffith stated that whether he renews or ends his contract, it will be a family decision.

She said when one offers himself or herself for a position of leadership, everything that comes with that position impacts the family, be it good, bad or indifferent.

Dyer-Griffith recalled being asked by a journalist, ‘are you prepared for the impact on your family?’ “I reminded that journalist that this was not our first foray in public life, and as such, we were as prepared as we could be.”

However, she said nothing could have prepared them for the extremes that they have faced every single day as life has not been easy with her husband leading the crime fight.

She added “Not only has the role placed a significant strain on the family, with the almost weekly new death threats, the changes to some of the freedoms we take for granted, the constant monitoring, the constant vigilance, but it has impacted in ways I really would not have imagined.”

She said she is definitely “over it,” especially as she has seen her husband’s health also being affected by the strains of the job, not to mention what she called the recent character attacks on the family, more specifically, the recent drama surrounding their 18-year-old footballer son Gary III.

Dyer-Griffith said the toll on her family cannot be quantified, “and there is no amount of remuneration that can buffer the impact. And I can safely say, life goes on with or without it. If that be God’s will.”