Two toddlers found in rat-infested building in D’Abadie

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Two toddlers found in rat-infested building in D’Abadie

Police have launched an investigation and are searching for a couple after two toddlers were found in a building in the D’Abadie area on Monday.

The children were said to be covered in faeces and in a roach and rat-infested dilapidated building overgrown with bushes.

At about 7.30 pm, police officers were on mobile patrol along Samaan Drive, Red Hill, when they saw a small male child who was nude playing on the road.

The police then saw the child run into a nearby house. The officers searched the dilapidated structure, which was partially covered with galvanise and surrounded by overgrown bushes with a stench coming from it. There were no lights on.

The officers found the male child, who appeared to be approximately three years old, in the company of another child, approximately two years old. There were no adults around.

The children were handed over to the Children’s Authority.