GG berates media for not focussing on the “good news” out of Carenage Police Station opening

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GG berates media for not focussing on the “good news” out of Carenage Police Station opening

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has slammed the media for not reporting on the good news of the opening of the new Carenage Police Station on Thursday and the launch of the TTPS Coastal and Rierine Patrol Unit.

In a media release this morning, he said it was not surprising that the media did not focus on the good news of yesterday’s event but instead chose to focus on an issue raised by the Prime Minister, which he, as Commissioner of Police, will respond to the PM personally and will advise him accordingly.

He said, “The Prime Minister opened his address by paying a minute’s silence for the 12 police officers who died as a result of the Covid-19 virus. He commended the TTPS for its role in the Pandemic and keeping this country safe. He said had it not been for the TTPS, the more than 800 persons who died from the virus, today, that figure would have been much larger. You must all remember that the TTPS has been the premier frontline agency since the arrival of the virus, maintaining law and order, ensuring that the Public Health Regulations are adhered to, and now with a State of Emergency and a curfew.”

The CoP continued, “The Prime Minister spoke about his role in seeking a new police station from Carenage, and the fact that police officers from that station walked miles to the Four Roads Police Station and reported for duty there years ago because of the poor conditions at the original building.

“Finally, we have this spanking new Carenage Police Station, strategically located on the Western Main Road and with the Gulf of Paria to the back. The station will accommodate CID, Traffic, the Gender Based Violence Unit, Court and Process, and soon, the Sexual Offences Unit. This is not just a police station to make a report. It is a station to serve the entire community. But that is not good news for the media to highlight,” he said.

Griffith said “For more than 30 years, there has been no Marine Branch in the TTPS. We launched the Coastal and Riverine Unit, which according to the Prime Minister, is a welcomed addition to the TTPS. This comes at a time when our vessels will be able to patrol the coastline and up the rivers to detect any illegal activities. But that is not good news for the media. Last weekend, this same unit rescued three stranded fishermen in the Gulf of Paria. But that was not news for the media.”

He added, “Again, not good news as no mention was made that the Prime Minister commended the top management of the TTPS. We will not lose focus as the men and women of the TTPS are committed to ensuring that this country remains safe.”