Dr. Rowley wants citizens to come forward with info on criminal activities

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Dr. Rowley wants citizens to come forward with info on criminal activities

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, is appealing to citizens to come forward with information on violent criminal activities.

In a Facebook post made on Sunday, Dr. Rowley spoke on the country’s rise in crime.

“As we enter the new year, having closed the last one with record levels of murderous crime, it is clear that there is a body of citizens for whom these grim statistics warrant no pause nor any sober reflection.

It would appear that such persons have armed themselves and with abandon and total disregard for life and property have launched their new year assaults with even more ferocity and disregard.

I look forward to the Police Service Commission for its urgent recommendations for the selection of a substantive Commissioner and I expect that the Police Service and other arms of national security will redouble their considerable efforts in confronting the actions of the armed and lawless.

Success in this endeavour can be greatly facilitated by the sharing of any and all relevant information between citizens and law enforcement. In this regard, I make an appeal to all citizens who have any information on matters of violent criminal conduct to safely share such information with law enforcement so that increased success will be attained for Justice, Safety and Security of all our citizens.”