Get the facts: $1,500 for driving with mobile device


Get the facts: $1,500 for driving with mobile device

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is reminding members of the public to be cautious of false information sent via social media, which can cause unnecessary panic and anxiety.

The following is one such example of false news.

FACT 1: There has been no new legislation passed relating to road traffic regulations as stated above.
FACT 2: Motorists holding or using a hand-held mobile device are liable on summary conviction to a fine of one thousand five hundred dollars or imprisonment for three months.

Citizens are advised to refrain from posting and sharing misleading information which can cause anxiety.

Members of the public are advised to check and stay updated with the TTPS App and also with TTPS Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for accurate information on matters relating to crime and policing.