Germany Shuts Down International Child Pornography Site


Germany Shuts Down International Child Pornography Site

German police said Monday they had closed down “one of the greatest darknet child pornography platforms on the world” and captured four of its individuals in a series of attacks in mid-April 2021.

The internet platform, named “Boystown”, had existed since 2019, tallied more than 400,000 individuals, and was “set up for the worldwide exchange of child pornography”, government police said in a proclamation.

The darknet gathering permitted clients to speak with others and offer realistic picture and video content which included “serious sexual abuse of toddlers“, the assertion said.

Three men between the ages of 40 and 64 were captured in seven assaults in Germany, while a further suspect was confined in Paraguay on the solicitation of German specialists.

The suspect in Paraguay’s Concepcion locale, likewise a German resident, is to be removed back to Germany based on a worldwide capture warrant given by a court in Frankfurt.

Three of the men are blamed for having dealt with the stage as chairmen, offering specialized help and exhortation to individuals on the best way to try not to be found by the specialists, while another was “one of the stage’s most dynamic clients”, police said.

Specialists added that the months-long, German-actuated activity had been facilitated by Europol and upheld by law authorization in the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States and Canada.

Both “Boystown” and other visit stages were taken disconnected after the assaults.