Ganja Wars fueling upsurge in murders and crime in T&T

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Ganja Wars fueling upsurge in murders and crime in T&T

The eruption of La Souriere volcano in St Vincent has caused a ganja supply issue in the Caribbean. Criminologist Darius Figuera is of the view that this is one of the reasons Trinidad and Tobago is seeing an upsurge in murders.
This past weekend alone eight men were killed in separate incidents after the country had seen a respite in this level of criminal activity. Figuera says that the Caribbean demand for marijuana far outstrips supply, and with the eruption of La Soufriere in St Vincent, that islands marijuana fields have been destroyed by ash fall from the volcano. This means that criminal gangs who trade in marijuana have to find alternative sources to supply their operations.


Figuera also spoke about the very large guns and ammunition seizure at a bond at the Piarco International airport last week. He said the discovery is very disturbing as that level of weaponry is akin to arming a small militia. He said persons who import this level of weaponry have plans to use it in some sinister manner that should have the population concerned.

The criminologist also commented on the recent detention and charges laid against SORT head Insp Mark Hernandez. Figuera said this raises serious questions about the operations at SORT in general :