First Album Recorded by an Unborn Baby to be Released


First Album Recorded by an Unborn Baby to be Released

In April, the first album recorded by an unborn baby is set to be released.

The album by Luca Yupanqui titled Sounds of the Unborn was recorded whilst baby Luca was still in her mother’s womb using biosonic MIDI technology which transcribed the womb vibrations which were taken in by synthesisers.

Luca’s parents are both musicians themselves – her mother being Elizabeth Hart of rock band Psychic Ills and her father musician Iván Diaz Mathé.

Iván Diaz Mathé has previously worked with Jamaican record producer Lee “Scratch” Perry.

Mum Elizabeth had technology hooked up to her stomach and assisted with the process through five hour long sessions.

The production team opted for minimal editing in order to allow “Luca’s message to exist in its raw form.”

Her dad Iván said, “We did some Super 8 footage during the recording sessions and later we teamed up with artist Victoria Keddie because we love her approach and aesthetic. She processed the film with analog gear and created a visual trip that summarises what we felt while creating this album.”

The press release adds, “It is human nature to wonder what life is like inside another human being’s consciousness. How does it feel? What does it sound like? All these questions became stronger and more important to Elizabeth and Iván while they were waiting for Luca to come into the world.”

“At a certain point the questions turned into, What would she say if she could speak? How would she react to the outer world? And ultimately, What kind of music would she play if she was able to? This album is an attempt to answer those questions.”