Fire At Guanapo Landfill Contained

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Fire At Guanapo Landfill Contained

A fire at the Guanapo Landfill has been contained.

Confirmation of this comes from the Solid Waste Management Company Limited.

In a media release Wednesday, SWMCOL said the fire started around 9:35 Tuesday evening.

It said the company was alerted of the fire that ignited on the western end of the Guanapo Landfill.

SWMCOL said this area is assigned to green waste.

The company said the fire was contained around by 3:57 Wednesday morning.

Some smoke SWMCOL said is impacting nearby communities.

Air quality tests conducted by SWMCOL thus far proved to be non-toxic.

The neighboring community, site users and those with respiratory conditions are asked to proceed with caution at this time.

The company said it is working to have this issue rectified in the shortest possible timeframe and an investigation is ongoing into the cause of the fire.