Heritage Responds To Incident In Vessigny

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Heritage Responds To Incident In Vessigny

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited is currently responding to an incident where oil was observed in the vicinity of the Vessigny River.

In a media release Wednesday, Heritage said it immediately directed the lease operator, Trinity Brighton Operations, to suspend pumping and the pipeline was isolated.

It said residents and other impacted stakeholders are being engaged.

Heritage officials are liaising with stakeholders to share up to date information and address the related concerns of those impacted.

In keeping with international best practice, vacuum trucks have been mobilized to recover the spilled oil and excavation equipment remain on site to assist with containment and repair works.

Regulatory bodies including the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, and the Environmental Management Authority have been notified of the incident.

The company is also conducting air quality tests in the area.

Thus far the readings are within normal levels.