Education Ministry promises an increase in security for SEPOS

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Education Ministry promises an increase in security for SEPOS

The Ministry of Education is assuring teachers, students and parents of the South East Port-of-Spain Government Secondary School that all efforts are being made to ensure the safety of all persons on the compound.

The Ministry issued a release assuring teachers, parents and students that there will be increased security presence in the vicinity of the school has been arranged, in addition to an increase in the number of police patrols in the area.

This follows an incident which occurred at 9:15amwhen a loud explosion was heard which seemed to emanate from outside of the school’s compound on Upper Nelson Street, Port-of-Spain.

A senior School Supervisor from the Port-of-Spain and Environs Education District visited the school and investigated the incident. The School Supervisor reported to the Ministry of Education that no teacher nor students was injured.

The Education Minister said ”The safety of our teachers and our students and all those of our persons who operate within the school environment, is paramount. The scare that was caused by the apparent gunshot, is of great concern to us. Our students and teachers must be allowed to operate in an environment that is safe and conducive to the effective implementation of the curriculum.”

Following the incident, personnel from the Student Support Services Division immediately provided counselling for staff and students and will continue to provide similar interventions as required.