Duke vs Augustine – Is the PDP falling apart?

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Duke vs Augustine – Is the PDP falling apart?

A media release issued by the Founder and Political Leader of PDP, Watson Solomon Duke, headlines ‘The Real Reason…’

This as Duke removed the party’s Deputy Political Leader, Farley Augustine on Friday September 9th.

Duke in a Facebook post dated Saturday September 10th said , “The PDP rank and file membership have been continuously disrespected and ignored by the Chief Secretary and his cheerleaders so much so that NONE of the PDP EXECUTIVE CAN DIRECT THE Chief Secretary on any matter of Governance to the benefit of Tobago.

There is a major disconnect between the Chief Secretary and the PDP membership and he has failed the party in many ways. What the public sees on TV or social media is simply a charade carefully choreographed to appease the masses but he is going down a road to become the ONE LEADER, ONE CHIEF SECRETARY with ONE TEAM BEHIND HIM.

The PDP EXECUTIVE WOULD DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT TOBAGO’s ECONOMIC INTEREST. Therefore, we call upon him to humble himself and respect the PDP party who was single-handedly responsible for his rise from the shadows to political light and relevance.”

The Chief Secretary of the THA, Farley Augustine at a media briefing on Thursday said that he was surprised by Duke’s first video, given that when Duke reached out to him on the day before for assistance with meals for the performers.

Augustine said that the performers were not sent to New York by the THA, however the THA provided partial sponsorship after a request for assistance was made by the group’s leader, former government minister Vernella Alleyne-Toppin.

Augustine has not made any other statement on the matter since then or in relation to his firing from the PDP by Watson Duke.