Duke tells Tracy – “All Deals Are Off”

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Duke tells Tracy – “All Deals Are Off”

Political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots, Watson Duke has served his counterpart People’s National Movement Tobago leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine notice, and says all deals regarding their proposals are off.

In a Facebook live video on Saturday, Duke said “I want to serve Tracy notice and all her gang notice, that from today (Saturday) all deals are off, all bets are off. When we are coming to negotiate and we are saying yes, we want to negotiate. But we are negotiating from zero now.”

“We are making no demands on any position and so you must not make any. Let us come to the table. “You want to follow the rule of law, let’s follow the rule of law.
“But when you come to the table, you come to the table not as a secretary but as an assemblyman without any power.”

On March 3, the PDP proposed giving the PNM the positions of chief secretary and presiding officer to move the business of the assembly forward.
Now, Duke said all 12 assemblymen must come to the table to decide who will get the positions.

“Let’s see if you support our pick for presiding officer. Let’s see if you will support our pick for chief secretary. Let’s see if you want your way only.”
“Who continues to rule the THA is the old executive and we don’t care who they are and what their name is, what we know is that they are wrong. They are illegal to be there.”