Dinsley Trincity Government, St Joseph’s Girls RC, Moulton Hall Methodist crowned Inter-School Champs


Dinsley Trincity Government, St Joseph’s Girls RC, Moulton Hall Methodist crowned Inter-School Champs

Dinsley Trincity Government, St Joseph’s Girls RC, and Moulton Hall Methodist Primary Schools were crowned Flow/pennacool.com Inter-School Champions for the months of April, May and June respectively at the recent Virtual Inter-School Championship Awards function.

“Pennacool.com made learning fun,” said Jamaya Owen, top scoring student at St Joseph’s Girls RC.  Joining her was Jodie Augustine who top scored for her school, Dinsley Trincity Government.  While Moulton Hall Methodist Primary’s top scorer, Joshua Bamodu said “it was very easy to navigate the platform.”  All three Standard Five students wrote the July 1st Secondary Entrance Assessment (S.E.A.) exams.

“With this partnership we have gone from promoting ICT in education to enabling education through technology.  Technology which is now undoubtedly considered a utility as important as electricity and water. Through pennacool.com’s e-learning platform, I am thrilled to see so many of our students embracing education through technology, long in advance of it becoming mandatory,” said Flow’s Vice President, Simone Martin-Sulgan as she addressed the audience.

“This partnership, established since 2009, has seen us grow from strength to strength.  The focus has always been on making studying easier for our young students,” Martin-Sulgan added.

Noting that “our model remains and continues to be free access to this e-learning platform, which is available 24/7,” Martin-Sulgan concluded that the Inter-School Championship “continues to be another motivating force on a school level.”

The event was attended by principals, teachers, parents, and students of the winning schools.

Representing Flow were Cindy-Ann Gatt, Commercial Operations Director; Yolande Agard-Simmons, Communications Manager and Jacinta Pinard, Marketing Manager.

The pennacool.com contingent included John Devaux, CEO; Phaessuh Kromah, Technical Director; Renuisha Jattan, Head of Marketing and Client Services; Alicia Hosein, Account Manager; and Shenelle Ramlogan, Account Manager.

Flow, the leading communications and entertainment provider maintains its ongoing support for ICT in education.