Delta variant now detected in 124 territories worldwide


Delta variant now detected in 124 territories worldwide

The Delta variant of Covid-19 has now been detected in 124 territories worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

It is expected to become the dominant variant globally in the coming months, with the WHO predicting that there could be more than 200 million confirmed cases within a matter of weeks.

Infections are rising, particularly in Europe and the western Pacific region. Some Western countries have started to ease restrictions as death rates have dropped. But those without access to vaccines or with a slower vaccine rollout are facing a deadlier threat.

What is the Delta variant?
The first cases were identified in India, but it has been reported in lots of countries around the world
It is a variant of concern, meaning it has undergone some genetic changes that are potentially worrying in terms of transmissibility and vaccine escape
In some countries, including the UK, Delta has become the dominant type of Covid circulating
Experts say vaccines still work well to protect against severe disease caused by this variant