Caribbean Airlines Launches Technology to Help Safeguard Borders with Ink Aviation

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Caribbean Airlines Launches Technology to Help Safeguard Borders with Ink Aviation

Caribbean Airlines is carrying out a wellbeing centered line control arrangement from Ink Aviation to give governments across its organization certainty that air travel can continue securely.

Caribbean Airlines will utilize the Ink Health Platform to flawlessly check the Covid-19 wellbeing data of group and travelers before flight. This stage will empower approved centers and labs to send test results or immunization endorsements straightforwardly to explorers by means of a cell phone application. Governments will be guaranteed that the test outcome endorsements of inbound travelers are given and transferred safely from confirmed labs.

Ink will encourage the booking of RT-PCR tests and quick tests, for example, RT-LAMP and Antigen for Caribbean Airlines across its organization by means of another coordinated Passenger Covid-19 Test Booking Portal. The entryway makes booking arrangements and paying for tests inside a 72-hour window simple and helpful for explorers.

Steve Azevedo, Chief Operations Officer, Caribbean Airlines, says: “As movement rules keep on transforming, we need instruments that are not difficult to execute and can be overseen easily to guarantee our tasks are enhanced. We were intrigued by Ink Aviation’s answers and how they can uphold us through this Covid-19 pandemic. The application is easy to understand and will assist our clients with unquestionably getting ready for their excursions.

“The coordination of reliable provincial and global Covid-19 testing of Caribbean Airlines’ group was an exceptionally difficult endeavor. Working with Ink, we had the option to smooth out the interaction into a completely overseen administration. We presently have a solitary resource rather than various lines of correspondences to singular labs.”

Shawn Richards, CEO, Ink Aviation, says: “We were instrumental in helping Caribbean Airlines by co-opting proficient Covid-19 testing clinics and labs across their entire network, including the USA and the Caribbean. A key element of the Ink Health Platform is its ability to verify test and vaccine records from paper certificates or any QR code-based digital health wallets. After implementing our solution, labs securely upload test results avoiding forgery and the doctoring of results, as is occurring more frequently worldwide.”

“Uniquely, we are giving destination governments the means to ensure the authenticity of inbound passenger test and vaccination statuses as well as interactive inspection, acceptance or rejection before flights depart. The proliferation of more virulent strains of Covid-19 makes the ability to widen the health cordon around a country and move verification offshore more crucial than ever.”

The arrangement focuses on protection by plan as ensured wellbeing data (PHI) is safely put away and just utilized for approving the travelers’ wellbeing status during their excursion. The stage adjusts to GDPR and HIPAA information security standards and proceeds to quickly develop to address the phenomenal difficulty of working with changing line limitations.

The Ink Health Platform gives a protected and confided in system for any aircraft, air terminal, or movement division to effectively deal with their lines and can be conveyed inside only days.