Debe murder suspect released, killer still at large

Debe murder suspect released, killer still at large

Another suspect has been released following investigations by police on account of a murder involving a woman.

On February 28, a 33-year-old suspect was held in connection with the murder of three people at a burnt house in Guapo. Autopsies on the bodies confirmed that the two women and one man were murdered before the house was set afire.

But, the suspect in that case was released after two days of questioning.

In this instance, a 24-year-old suspect was released after police questioned him about the murder of 34-year-old Ann Marie Susan Seepersad whose throat was slit by her attacker.

Murdered at home: Ann Marie Susan Seepersad

Last week Monday, Seepersad was last seen arguing with a tenant belonging to her Rampersad Trace, Debe apartment around 2:00a.m. Her body was found at the back of the building a few hours later.

Seepersad’s two children, ages five and 15 were not at home when the murdered occurred.

A kitchen knife and a broken alcohol bottle were discovered at the scene. Police believe either one may be the murder weapon.

A mentally-ill man was detained in Fyzabad a few hours after Seepersad’s body was discovered, but he was questioned and released.

Seepersad’s mother said Ann Marie’s murder is not the first to plague the family.

She lost another daughter, 26-year-old Annie Seepersad, in November last year after a man doused her in liquid and set her on fire. The incident occurred as a result of a domestic dispute.

Her daughter died days later at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The 44-year old suspect in that case was arrested and charged.

The matter is currently before the San Fernando Magistrates Court.