Chaguanas Chamber concerned about handling of bodies found on boat in Tobago

Chaguanas Chamber concerned about handling of bodies found on boat in Tobago

The Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce says it is concerned about the gruesome discovery and handling of bodies at Belle Garden, Tobago.

The CCIC says it is alarmed the Coast Guard indicated there was no vessel to lend immediate assistance.

According to reports, the boat was discovered and reported by fishermen, who alerted the coast guard and were informed at the time
that no vessel was available.

CCIC says it is incredible the Coast Guard requested the fishermen retrieve the vessel filled with corpses and tow it ashore.

CCIC says it is disappointed and shocked by how this situation was handled by the relevant authorities.

In a media release, the CCIC says having been alerted by fishermen that a foul stench was emitting from the boat, greater security together with health and safety protocols should have been immediately implemented.

CCIC says it was irresponsible to allow civilians to board the vessel and bring it to shore amidst this deadly pandemic, without proper Personal Protective Equipment.

CCIC is calling on National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds to provide an update on this matter.

The CCIC is encouraging the government to implement more stringent measures to protect the country’s porous borders and also ensure the relevant authorities are properly outfitted with the necessary PPE and vessels to facilitate their duties efficiently for the safety of our citizens.