Cudjoe says PDP defectors “promoting a pity party”

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Cudjoe says PDP defectors “promoting a pity party”

One week after THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine and 16 of his executive members decided to resign from the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP), Tobago West MP Shamfa Cudjoe has sent some harsh words their way.

In a post to social media on Sunday, Cudjoe had the following to say:
“When Mr. (Watson) Duke was looking for puppets you were the first to sign up, and you hoodwinked and misled Tobagonians to join in, support, and defend the puppetry too.

If you knew he was so mad, unreasonable, dangerous and unfit from the get-go why did you so consciously, courageously and confidently commit to following, embracing, promoting and defending him and his ideals? And further, if you always knew that he was so evil and bad, why did you so passionately recruit others in your wickedness, hatefulness, folly and deceit?

According to Cudjoe, “This was never about truly wanting to serve Tobagonians and develop Tobago, but solely about quenching your thirst for high office and power.”

She added: “You promised the impossible, lied without limit and sold people dreams to no end. You sacrificed your integrity, morals, values and principles for a cobeau sweat in politics. Today, all the mess you fed people is all over your hands, face and even spewing out of your mouths. Now you’ve mounted your PR trying to further mislead people, looking for sympathy and promote a pity-party?

No amount of trolling me or bullying right thinking Tobagonians can get us out of this mess that now pervades the “Tobago-space” and our people’s business. So troll on…
Looking forward to you finally settling down and getting your work done.
Long story short, people did not vote for this, or as the “spartans” battle cry promised , “Leh we fix dis!” said Cudjoe.