Couva Point Lisas Chamber head hoping for no rise in taxes

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Couva Point Lisas Chamber head hoping for no rise in taxes

Mukesh Ramsingh, head of the Couva Point Lisas Chamber of Commerce (CPLCC) is hoping to see some sort of reprieve for citizens when the 2024 Budget is read in Parliament on Monday 2nd October.

Ramsingh, speaking to media during his chamber’s annual Family Day and Cookout in Couva on Sunday, said the cost of living is already too high and any additional measures would be unbearable.

He said: “Based on the past Budgets, there are things that we would not like to see more than we would like to see. We would not like to see rising fuel prices. We ask that the Minister of Finance in his wisdom try and keep the fuel prices the same, or find a way to reduce fuel prices.”
“We hope there would be no more rise in taxes,” he noted.

Ramsingh also suggested a rebate on purchase of surveillance equipment.

“With the crime situation, we are asking that there will be a tax rebate of 150-200 percent on surveillance equipment.  Although there are no duties on it, prices are going up and we are asking for a tax rebate to assist businesses to continue to increase their security,” he noted.”