COP condemns Dr. Avanash Sawh racial comments

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COP condemns Dr. Avanash Sawh racial comments

“The recent remarks attributed to Dr. Avanash Sawh is emblematic of a deeper issue that will continue to plague our twin island state if not dealt with. Some may call for the total boycott of his services, others for even more drastic measures. Our question is, will this solve the racial undertones that pervade our society?”

This according to the Congress Of the People in a media release issued this morning.

The COP said that “In July of this year, in the run up to the general elections we made several calls to all parties, their leaders and candidates to totally reject and discourage any form of racism, this was deemed by the honourable attorney general as ‘attention seeking’ on our part.”

The COP also stated that remarks made by Dr. Avanash Sawh is not new, they said “we are certain that the majority of our citizens within their private circles would have heard a remark or two made that would be deemed racist. What we find mow is that with the advent of social media more and more of these ‘behind the doors’ statements are making their way into the public domain where we rant and rave fulfilling our ‘seven days’ span and then move on.”

The COP also said issues like these are never fully dealt with and with this a sense of normalcy returns.

“Once again the Congress of the People firmly condemns all racist and forms of racism. We call for not only an in-depth investigation but also that those with the position and authority to begin a process of uniting our citizens. Should the statements attributed to Dr. Sawh be true we call on the medical board to initiate what ever measures that can be prescribed as a warning to all within this field. We also call for the Ministry of Labour to ensure that all citizens are treated fairly and not based on race or gender.”

The Congress Of the People believes that a “good place to start would be in the country’s schools and with the Honorable Prime Minister in announcing his cabinet making it unequivocally clear that he wanted to see “Civics” being brought in.”