CoP assures TTPS will aggressively pursue those bent on causing pain

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CoP assures TTPS will aggressively pursue those bent on causing pain

Commissioner of Police, Erla Harewood-Christopher, has vowed that the T&T Police Service will “aggressively and relentlessly pursue those persons bent on causing pain and distress to innocent citizens.”

In a media release issued by the TTPS on Wednesday afternoon, Harewood-Christopher was quoted as saying, “The TTPS is very concerned about the continuing loss of life through gun and gang violence and remains very resolute in taking the necessary actions to effectively reduce this high incidence of crime and violence in our country.”

Her comments follow five murders, which occurred overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.

The Commissioner said she is aware of the impact of these homicides on the national psyche and is focused on implementing the strategies designed to cause a reduction in gun violence, serious crimes and murders.

‘We will persist in our efforts to rid the streets of illegal firearms, the choice of weapons for criminals. In 2023 we have already seized 219 illegal firearms and 6,821 rounds of ammunition and that campaign will continue,’ the TTPS quoted the Commissioner as saying.

She added, ‘Homicide detectives are on the ground working assiduously, conducting inquiries and expending all available resources to bring perpetrators to justice.’

The Top CoP reiterated, ‘We understand the dynamic nature of crime and the need to continually be updating our strategies. We will continue to mobilise and deploy all our resources in every area of law enforcement. We will maintain our confidence in our ability to succeed and will not surrender in this battle against the criminal element.’