NWU willing to assist affected Hyatt employees

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NWU willing to assist affected Hyatt employees

The National Workers’ Union is willing to help the soon to be laid off workers of Hyatt Regency.

Although there is no majority trade union representing employees at the Hyatt, NWU’s Gerry Kangalee stated that the letter sent by Hyatt’s General Manager was a “clear warning to the workers that the management is not only implementing temporary lay-offs but contemplating retrenching workers.”

He told media that according to the Industrial Court “an employee may be said to be laid off when he is not offered work for a temporary period.”

He said the period of the lay-off must be stated in a letter to the employee who is being laid off and that it is illegal for it to be for an indefinite time-frame.

Kangalee advised affected workers to ensure they get a letter from the hotel.

Internationally Hyatt hotels have been laying off staff because of the pandemic.