Coco Club apologises for fracas at nightclub

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Coco Club apologises for fracas at nightclub

The Coco Club on Ariapita Avenue has extended an apology for the events that unfolded there during the early hours of Sunday morning.

Footage making the rounds on social media showed a large group of young people running out of the nightclub and gunshots being heard.

Reports state that a fight between rival gangs in which shots were fired and bottles thrown, brought a party in the nightclub to a premature end.

The Coco Club, in a release, said it was sorry for the regrettable and unanticipated events that took place at the club around 2:56am.

They said their security was unable to intervene due to the amount of individuals that were involved in the dispute. However, they did assist in safeguarding as many persons as possible that was no involved.

The following is the full statement and video footage of the events: