DUI Task Force deployed to detect drunk drivers during Carnival

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DUI Task Force deployed to detect drunk drivers during Carnival

The Port of Spain DUI Task Force has been deployed during the ongoing Carnival period to detect drunk drivers on the roadways who pose a great risk to the life and limb of other road users.

In a media release, the Police Service said the team has been actively conducting roving DUI checkpoints across the City from Wrightson Road and Ariapita Avenue to Maraval Road and the Queen’s Park Savannah.

It said over the past two weekends, the Port of Spain DUI Task Force, arrested and charged 21 drivers for DUI offences in an anti-drunk driving dragnet across the city.

Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent Clint Arthur, of the Traffic & Highway Patrol Branch (THPB), also sounded a clear warning to drivers on the nation’s highways.

He said “Ensuring road safety is one of the core operating functions of the THPB and any risk that threatens that, such as speeding or drunk driving is something his officers have been instructed to deal with as a high priority in their patrol deployment and enforcement exercises.”

The TTPS said over the weekend Highway Patrol officers arrested and charged six motorists for DUI and 91 drivers were ticketed for exceeding the highway’s speed limit.

TTPS Road Safety Coordinator Sergeant Brent Batson, said, DUI enforcement efforts are a key part of supporting the TTPS Strategic Plan to ensure Public Safety and reduce risk and harm on the nation’s roads.

Recently, Commissioner of Police, Erla Harewood-Christopher received certification for over 60 Breath Alcohol Technicians for officers who successfully completed breathalyzer technician training via the Police Academy Advanced Programmes Unit.

Police said this will greatly increase the DUI detection capacity and keep the roadways safer during the Carnival period.