Coast Guard scuba divers help clear flood gates in Caroni

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Coast Guard scuba divers help clear flood gates in Caroni

On May 5th 2021, the Ministry of Works and Transport’s Drainage Central District collaborated with the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard to clear debris from the Flood Gate at Ghandi Street, Caroni. This was done to prevent potential flooding in village. The dive exercise was a success.

Ghandi Village is a water catchment area and during periods of heavy rainfall the area in prone to flooding. As a result, the Drainage Division installed floodgates to limit water from flowing into the community during periods of heavy rainfall. However, during the heavy showers yesterday (May 5th, 2021), the debris from the water channel prevented the floodgates from closing and the TT Coast Guard were asked to provide assistance to clear the blockage to prevent the village from flooding.

The Ministry is thankful for the assistance provided by the TT Coast Guard

The Ministry’s Drainage Division has been actively engaged in desilting works to ensure that major water courses are cleared during the dry season to prevent excessive runoff or flooding throughout the country..