CMO: Children must undergo two rounds of testing when travelling

CMO: Children must undergo two rounds of testing when travelling

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram said children must have a PCR-negative test before entering Trinidad and Tobago. They must also undergo another test between three and five days of entering the country.

Speaking at the Ministry of Health media briefing yesterday, Parasram said the entry policy from day one has always been that a negative PCR test is required before entry, regardless of age. He said the second test after entry was added to provide further protection.

He said the reason for the double testing of children is that in general, they can’t be vaccinated and “they pose a greater risk of being infected and transmitting possible variants or ­other forms of the virus as they come in.”

Parasram said “We are seeing it as an essential step to ensure they do have the PCR both before entering and at day three and five, as that additional assurance that if they do become positive that we are able to pick it up, isolate these persons from the rest of the popu­lation as quickly as we can.”

He disclosed “We have picked up children as early as two months who have required ICU admission in Trinidad and Tobago. Anyone, regardless of age, can have Covid and can develop complications.”

He pointed out children under the age of eight are not required to wear face masks.