Claxton Bay students to be relocated to Marabella


Claxton Bay students to be relocated to Marabella

Students from Claxton Bay Junior Anglican School may soon be relocated to an old wing at the Marabella South Secondary School.

The 163 students who comprise the 1st and 2nd-year classes at Claxton Bay Anglican needed to be moved after the school’s building was found to contain a number of defects. Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Dr Lovell Francis, said the move could be done in as little as two weeks’ time; he said the move is only a short-term solution since the Ministry has a vacation repair programme during the Christmas season. Francis said during that time, workers will repair the structure of the school.

In terms of transportation and shuttling those from Claxton Bay to Marabella, Francis said that the Ministry has held discussions to provide transport, but he noted that Marabella is close to Claxton Bay.