Government’s new client/visitor dress code policy to roll out on January 15

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Government’s new client/visitor dress code policy to roll out on January 15

A new inclusive Client/Visitor Dress Code Policy for Trinidad and Tobago Government Offices will be instituted nationwide from Monday 15th January, 2024.

Based on extensive research, the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) gained Cabinet’s approval for the policy, which includes a standardised dress code that aligns with the principles of fairness, decency, respect for cultural diversity, clarity and consistency, as well as safety.

The policy was guided by public feedback on a number of key issues including the denial of service, non-alignment of dress code policies in offices across the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GoRTT), as well as research on global trends towards a more relaxed dress code.

“We have listened and completed the research to ensure that a more inclusive, culturally-sensitive policy is instituted. The focus is on equitable treatment, mutual respect and safety, as well as on providing, and not denying service,” Senator the Honourable Allyson West, Minister of Public Administration stated. “We also intend to ensure customer-service training to staff in the coming months. Our priority is to our Constitution and the Vision 2030 promise of ‘Delivering Good Governance and Service Excellence’. And we intend to gain your feedback, as we move forward into a new era of public service excellence.”

The new policy applies to all clients and visitors to Government offices in Trinidad, including all Ministries, Departments and Agencies, whether in-person or virtually. Additionally, it extends to clients and visitors to Government offices under the purview of the Central Government in Tobago.

However, the policy does not apply to non-offices including schools, police stations, hospitals/health centres, courts etc.