Charles views Rowley’s comments on America’s insurrection as “combative and undiplomatic”

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Charles views Rowley’s comments on America’s insurrection as “combative and undiplomatic”

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has been accused by the UNC of “rubbing salt in the US’ wounds” following a statement he made on the chaos in Washington DC on Wednesday.

In his role as CARICOM Chair, Rowley expressed the caribbean community’s concern on the uprising.
However, it was his statement that similar scenes in Venezuela resulted in sanctions by foreign nations against those who claimed victory. Rowley asked, “Is it that those same people will now resort to sanctions against this (USA) since the losers of elections decide to defy the authorities and call people into the street to put into office a person who feels he is entitled to the office and is being denied by fraud?”

But UNC MP, Rodney Charles found those comments problematic.

Charles said, “While World leaders both friend and foe expressed their concern, Rowley displayed “A most combative, undiplomatic, in-your-face, and entirely uncalled- for-mood.”

Charles added, “Why rub salt in the wounds of the US at a time when they were experiencing monumental difficulties? Was it your high point of diplomacy? Did you have to be so imprudent?”

“The US is not only our largest trading partner, the home to hundreds of thousands of our citizens including some of your very own children, but also a country to which many look up to as the seat of democracy. If the US sneezes the world catches a cold.”

“Sometimes Dr. Rowley, silence is golden. When you cannot assist or console a supposed ally, diplomacy requires that if you have nothing positive to say, then just shut up.”