Cash Prize COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive in the Cayman Islands


Cash Prize COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive in the Cayman Islands

As several governments across the world are employing strategies to encourage citizens to vaccinate against the deadly coronavirus, so too has the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA), as they have offered citizens an opportunity to win US$10,000, just as 280 different prizes worth a sum of US$15,000, as a feature of a drive to urge people to get immunized for COVID-19.

The CITA alongside the cause R3 Cayman Foundation reported the prizes during a new gathering of its individuals.

CITA President, Marc Langevin said it was imperative for the region to arrive at its objective of immunizing 70% or a greater amount of its populace, so the lines can resume securely to sightseers, and the travel industry area had a section to play in that by urging its representatives to get vaccinated straightaway.

Langevin said CITA has been requesting that its individuals give week after week reports on the number of their staff have been inoculated, and that “right now, as an industry, we are at 75 percent”.

He added that specific areas inside the business had higher rates than that, similar to eateries, which are showing a 90 percent immunization rate.

“It is your leadership that is creating those numbers. You have been leading by example.”

“As part of our recovery mandate, we want to help our local tourism industry to recover from the tremendous job losses that have been caused by the pandemic so that those affected can regain employment and thereby provide for themselves and for their families. ” the R3 Cayman Islands Foundation explained.

“Assisting the jurisdiction to achieve a high vaccination rate by fully utilizing the available vaccines resources is one way to achieve this, whilst at the same time protecting our community as far as possible from COVID-19.”

The prize draw is discrete from the public authority’s ‘Immunization Challenge’ form, which is likewise offering a wide assortment of prizes for individuals who get their first inoculations by June 9.

Recently, when the local vaccination rate started to slow down, the public authority dispatched an inclined up drive in a bid to guarantee that every one of the excess antibodies on the island, which are set to terminate toward the finish of June, will be utilized by at that point.