Cardi B plans to take a break from social media; says people are driving her crazy

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Cardi B plans to take a break from social media; says people are driving her crazy

Cardi B has reached her limit with social media and all the negativity that has come her way as a result of being present on it.

During a Twitter Spaces stream on Wednesday (September 20), she said: “I feel like people on social media are fucking crazy and bananas, and I feel like they gonna drive me crazy.

“There’s a whole bunch of people that was in the fucking slow class and ya’ll not gonna muthafuckin’ make me feel like ya’ll. They ain’t gonna me me feel like them, so I just have to get the fuck off this shit.”

Earlier that day, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper shared an Instagram post to celebrate her anniversary with Offset, who she has been married to since 2017. In the video, she flaunted a room packed with flowers that was presumably prepared for her by the Migos rapper.

In the caption, Cardi wrote: “I love so many things about you.I love the fact that I’m with a grown ass man that’s going to provide , protect and help both of us GROW and can handle my mouth ,my attitude,my confidence my weakness and all this ASS!!

Some people in the comment section saw this as her throwing shade at others, with one writing: “Imagine celebrating your anniversary and still being Sssoooooooo miserable you’re focused on throwing shade and NOT UR HAPPINESS.. monev ain’t do ish for u lol”

Clearly irked by this, she responded: “I’m really confused ? I gotta reread again ….How am I throwing shade ? What the hell y’all be on for real ?”

Another user then doubled down on the initial accusation and commented: “You throw shots, come in the comment section to make sure we acknowledge the shots and play the victim!!! Be fucking for real?!”

The New York MC seemed to have had enough when she finally replied: “DIRECT ME TO THE SHADE … Cause I’m askin but y’all not giving me answers?”

Based on how upset she was during her subsequent Twitter stream, it appears as though the Instagram interaction might have been what tipped her over the edge.