Police exercises result in nine arrests and seizure of arms and ammo across T&T

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Police exercises result in nine arrests and seizure of arms and ammo across T&T

Police exercises over the weekend have resulted in the arrests of  nine suspects, the seizure of  five firearms and stopped the robbery of a warehouse during various anti-crime exercises around the country between Friday and Saturday.

North Eastern Division, around 12.30 am on Friday, officers of the Barataria Criminal Investigations Department were on mobile patrol when they responded to a message about a man on the premises of a warehouse on Coronation Street, San Juan. When the officers arrived, they saw several people removing items from the building. A 23-year-old suspect of Oudan Trace, San Juan, was assisting police with enquiries into the robbery. Police are pursuing other suspects.

Additionally, 3.30 am, officers of the South Western Division were conducting a stop-and-search exercise on the Southern Main Road, South Oropouche, when they stopped a silver Nissan Tiida, with three occupants. Officers found a camouflage-coloured bag with one Glock 19 pistol fitted with one magazine and seven rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition. The three were arrested and taken to the Fyzabad Police Station. The officers saw the suspect on Padmore street , Gulf view and called out to the suspect, he ran and the officers chased him. They saw the suspect remove a bag from across his chest and drop it. One officer collected the bag while the other officers continued the chase but the suspect got away. The officers retrieved the bag which contained one Glock 17 pistol and 15 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition.

Around 3.35 pm, while on a drug/gang violence reduction exercise in the North Central Division, officers received a report from Command Centre of armed men on St John’s Road, St Augustine, near the Community Centre.

When they arrived, they saw a man fitting the description they were given and searched him. In the suspect’s bag they found a black IMI Israel Uzi pistol with 14 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition.

The man from Bassanta Trace, St Augustine, was arrested and taken to the Tunapuna Police Station. Also arrested in a separate incident was a suspect in shooting and gang-related enquires from Monte Grande, Tunapuna. Also officers in the Eastern Division on Friday between 2 pm and 5 pm, stopped and searched a bronze-coloured Nissan B13 car during roving road check exercises in Valencia. Officers recovered one Berretta Pistol with one magazine containing 15 rounds of nine millimetre ammunition on of the car’s occupants and both men were arrested and also on Saturday around 10 am, Northern Division Emergency Response Patrol officers were on mobile patrol when they stoped and searched a La Horquetta man near Red Castle, Maloney. They found one revolver with two rounds of ammunition tucked in his waist and the suspect was detained.